Stun Gun Baton KNIGHTRO 8000k Peace keeper

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The peace keeper stun gun baton 8000k.

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This stun gun baton is also an 800 lumen flashlight. It’s a taser that is the strongest stun gun ever made with a forged and hardened aluminum body and comes with a life time warranty from the manufacturer. We call it the peace keeper. It can act as your stun gun, taser, baton, night stick and flash light all in one. It stuns with 8,000,000 watts. This flash light taser comes with a carrying case that slides on to your belt buckle, two lithium re-chargeable batteries that are rated to last over 8000 uses. Any attacker will think twice when they see and hear this stun gun taser. The stun gun baton comes with a safety switch that must be turned on in order for the taser to work. It’s also a bright 800 lumen flashlight that reaches 2 football fields long. This would be a great gift to any friend or family member that needs protection against any threat. If you are in the security business or are looking for a super reliable peace of self defense equipment, this is the stun gun for you. We recommend charging the peace keeper for at least 12 hours before any use. This is done to activate the battery and hold long term charges. Once the battery for the taser has been fully charged we recommend a minimum of 4 hour charge per week to keep the stun gun battery at its full capacity.


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