Crowd Control Pepper Spray Bottle Medium 4 ounce

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Medium can of crowd control pepper spray. 4 ounces of non-lethal stopping power that sprays into a stream up to 15 feet.

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Pepper Spray in a crowd control sized 4 ounce medium can, 15+ second burst of stopping power.

This large black can of pepper sprays as a stream up to 15 feet. It’s ingredients have been used by police forces around the world to control unruly crowds as a non-lethal alternative. To use this pepper spray, slide off the orange safety tab, press the tab down. Taking the can of pepper spray off of safety will allow you to depress the tab and releasing up to a 15 second stream of mace that will stop any attacker or group of attackers in their tracks. This formula is widely used in police forces across the world as a non-lethal option of self-defense. It comes in large place 16 ounce bottle.


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